Kjetil Kjernsmo

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

Much of my work experience comes from personal interest in various fields. I have acquired much knowledge alone, and am autodidact in many areas as well as those in which I have formal training.

Semantic Web

Have followed the development of Semantic Web-technology since 1998. Have been involved in the following standardization processes in the World Wide Web Consortium:

Have also given comment to the development of the Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) and Hydra hypermedia-driven APIs.

Member Submissions to the W3C

These are early specifications that form the basis for further standardisation that is sent by the members of the World Wide Web Consortium:

Conference organization



Have written web pages with HTML since 1994 and CSS since 1997. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are also important guidelines for my work.


2010-10-01 --
Ph.D. Research Fellow at Department of Informatics, University of Oslo.
2010-01-19 -- 2010-09-30
Developer at ABC Startsiden where I worked with modern Perl-based frameworks.
2007-08-01 -- 2010-01-31
Senior Knowledge Engineer at Computas AS, where I worked 100% with Semantic Web-technologies implemented on a Java-platform.
2006-12-01 -- 2007-06-29
Semantic Web Specialist for Opera Software. The position with Opera Software was divided 50/50, where half the position is "semantic web"-projects and standardisation.
2005-05-02 -- 2007-06-29
Information Systems Developer for Opera Software. Have participated in larger and smaller projects, first and foremost built applications on mod_perl2 and MySQL.
2002-05 -- 2005-05
Creating the web publishing framework for www.skepsis.no. This is a site I maintained on a voluntary basis since 1996. I have also had it as full-time employment in this period, working as a freelancer.
2004-04 -- 2004-06
Participation in the organisation of the events around the Transit of Venus 2004. Work tasks were similar to the solar eclipse, below.
2003-03 -- 2003-07
Participation in the organisation of the events around the Solar Eclipse 2003. Mainly, I created support systems and managed the distribution of 20 000 solar eclipse shades. This included creating a system to use so-called OCR data from Norwegian banks.
2003-02-28 -- 2003-05-21
Teaching course AST2110 - The Universe at the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Oslo.
Minor Engagements


Free Software systems are preferred, that is, software which can be examined and understood to the core without any restrictions.

Have mainly developed on the Perl-platform, but also used Java in commercial projects projects. Focus has been on Jena, Tomcat, Cocoon and Maven and the databaser-server Virtuoso has also been used.

Maintain an Internet server for personal purposes, known as pooh.kjernsmo.net running Debian GNU/Linux. Important subsystems include:

Have built, set up and maintain several desktop work stations, that are also running Debian GNU/Linux or Ubuntu Linux, with a recent version of KDE, OpenOffice and Emacs for editing. I tend to write documents in raw HTML or LaTeX.

I'm capable of using and superficially configure Microsoft products, but it is not a preferred way of working.

Authored Software

Most recent code can be found on Github.

Author of several CPAN modules, where the most active projects are related to RDF. Some of them are also packaged in Debian.

Authored scattered pieces of code in different software systems, and I have been acknowledge as a contributor to R.

Written two small PHP applications: a small webshop and a web frontend for Gamma Ray Burst Alert system.

Academic Record


Awarded the degree of Canditatus Scientiarum (officially equivalent to Master's of Science) for the thesis titled Gravitational Microlensing of Quasar Clouds : Detectability in a Worst-Case Scenario by the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics at the University of Oslo, Norway.
Awarded Canditatus Magisterii (B.Sc. equivalent), courses in Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science. Major subject was Physics.


Ph.D. studies, 2010-2015

Graduate Studies, 1998-2001

Undergraduate Studies, 1992, 1994-1998

Astronomy and astrophysics
Cosmology, plasmas and shocked gas, radiative processes, fundamental astrophysics, fundamental astronomy.
Mathematical methods in physics, classical theoretical physics, fundamental statistical physics, fundamental quantum mechanics, classical electrodynamics, classical mechanics, introduction to experimental physics, laboratory course in general physics.
Digital signal processing and image analysis, programming for numerical problem-solving, scientific programming laboratory exercises, concepts of Object Oriented Programming.
Mathematics and Statistics
Differential equations and computer-assisted solutions, calculus, fundamental linear algebra, basic statistical methods.
Examen Philosophicum

Lectures and Publications

List of publications are maintained in Current Research Information SysTem In Norway. For other publications and citation overview, see Google Scholar.


  1. Introduction to the Semantic Web. Norwegian Unix User Group (NUUG) member meeting; 2011-01-11
  2. A demonstration of firewalking with a small talk has become a regular part of Oslo's annual Astro Festival 2001-2011.
  3. International Conference for Physics Students, Dublin, August 2001: "Gravitational Microlensing of Quasar Clouds".
  4. International Conference for Physics Students, Helsinki, August 1999: "X-Ray Observations of Microlensing Events"
  5. Norwegian Physical Society Conference, June 1999: "Anti-gravitasjon og aksellererende univers. Revolusjon i kosmologien?" ("Anti-gravitiation and Accellerating Universes. Revolution in Cosmology?").
  6. Fysikkforeningen (Physics Students' Society), 1999: "Gamma Ray Bursts"
  7. Biørnegildet (Science Students' Festival), 5. February 1998: "Firewalking"
  8. International Conference for Physics Students, Vienna 1997: "A Preliminary Empirical Study of Firewalking".
  9. Fysikkforeningen: "Refleksjoner over myter og fysiske bilder i astronomi og fysikk fra Thales til i dag" ("Reflections on Myths and Physical Images in Astronomy and Physics from Thales till today")
  10. International Conference for Physics Students, Szeged, Hungary 1996: "Some Popular Myths about the History of Astronomy"

Extra-curricular activities

1998-09 -- 2000
Vice President, Astrophysics Students' Panel (elected official for astrophysics students at the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics).
1997-03 -- 1998-09-01
President, Norwegian Association of Physics Students.
1996-03 -- 2001-09
Board of Directors, Norwegian Association of Physics Students.
1996, 1997, 1999 and 2001
Norwegian Delegate or Assistant Delegate to the General Meeting of the International Association of Physics Students.
1995 -- 1996
President and Secretary (first semester) of the Physics Students Panel. As elected representative for the students, I also took part in various committees at the Physics Department, including the Council, Committee for Studies and Teaching and Committee for Computer Resources, as well as founding and editing the Panel's bulletin.

Practical Science

Worked 3 times with the Nordic Optical Telescope. First as assistant for Dr. Andreas Jaunsen, and the two other times as primary observing astronomer in the Quoc Around-the-clock Collaboration. These times, my team was awarded 10 and 4 nights respectively.

Research assistant for Dr. Dagrun Vikhamar on several field excursions in the field of remote sensing.

Leisure Activities

Among my many interests is a long-standing participation in the sports of orienteering, ski-orienteering and cross-country skiing. Additionally, I have for many years enjoyed mountaineering, in various forms, at all times of the year. Most activities have in common that they require an enhanced situational awareness, management of potentially fatal risks and comprehension of abstract terrain models under time pressure and extreme physical and mental fatigue.

Formal Qualifications

Approved by the Norwegian Orienteering Federation

Approved by the Norwegian Mountaineering Forum

Official positions

2001 -- 2008
University of Oslo students and alumni sports club, Mapping Committee.
1989 -- 1992
Media Committee and main Media Contact for Lillomarka Orienteringslag.

First Ascent

Toze Kangri, Tibet, approx. 6370 meters above sea level, 2007-10-06.

World Records

Firewalking: Walked 52 meters (165 feet), on glowing hot coals, average temperature about 330 degrees centigrades, on 2nd of July 1998, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA. The record was verified by the US Edition of The Guinness Book of World Records 1999.

Other courses and certification

Certified to drive cars up to 3.5 tons.

Compulsory services

Norwegian Civil Defense: Received a three-week intensive course in fire-fighting, search and rescue operations and first aid, as the fundamental training given to personell. Have since then been called out twice to fight forest fires.

Performed ordinary military service in the Norwegian Royal Guard in 1993 in the communications troop. Was awarded the trophy for the "Best Athlete of the Year".

Became since then a conscientious objector and served two months in 2002 as web developer for the Norwegian Association for the Blind and Partially Sighted.